Real Love Scam Alert:  Wasting Time

So you are tired of wasting time with all matches made from friends and family.  You watch all those television commercials that promise a a more eventful dating life and you have decided to try online dating. Well, Real Love Scam finds it is unfortunate while more and more people have started using online dating, the number of complaints have also increased. Real Love discusses the different online scams that can occur.

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Real Love explains Financial Scams

Online identity theft is a big problem in today’s world, especially for the individuals who use online dating sites. Real Love scam alert expresses how dating sites provide scammers with many potential unsuspecting victims. Scammers surf these sites all day searching for the members who they can manipulate easily. It’s important that you take time in getting to know the people you are interacting with. Make sure that you NEVER give any of your financial information; banking information or credit card details to anyone you come across on dating sites. They might sound very convincing while asking you for help, but remember that you don’t know that person. You are searching for your perfect partner and not someone to take advantage of you. It is recommended by Real Love Scams that you report anyone who asks for financial assistance to site administrator. Their activity will be monitored preventing you and other people from losing their money to financial scammers.

Cheating Spouses

There are plenty of cheating spouses looking for extra-marital partners on online dating sites. They can sound very convincing and they are mostly looking for quick hookups. In order to get the other person to meet them quickly, they will tell you anything and will always try to have sex right away. Their conversations will mostly revolve around getting you to meet them immediately without really getting to know you. This is a scam in it’s own and Real Love wants you to know that if something sounds too good to be true, then they are! Don’t meet the other person until you are ready and avoid doing anything that you aren’t comfortable with. If the other person is genuine, they will answer your questions and they would like to know about you too. Don’t get fooled by someone who appears to have all the right answers. Keep your thoughts to yourself and only do what you are comfortable with!

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Real Love Scam:  Criminal Activity

Remember that there is absolutely no screening of members for past criminal record, on online dating sites. You don’t have any idea of the people you are conversing with, you don’t know their history, whether they committed a crime in past. They can be sex offenders which is very scary. Online dating provides an atmosphere where people can hide anything about themselves which they don’t want other people to know. Real Love Scam wants you to be careful and to protect yourself from such people. In case you suspect that someone is not honest about their past, you can use various resources in order to verify the information. However, we advise that moving on is the best option. You will find many other people who are honest. If something doesn’t feel right, then don’t pursue it!

Scam Alerts – Real Love Point of View

You have to know the dangers related to online dating. Yes it can be rewarding, but keep your eyes open. Your safety should be your first priority. Ask the other person lots of questions and if you find any inconsistencies in their answers, or you feel that something isn’t right, move on! Meeting new people can be very exciting especially if you think someone can become an important part of your life. Real Love Scams wants you to spend time to have a more enjoyable dating experience and to ensure that you meet the right person.

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